Free Wi-FiA fresh clean environment greets you as you walk into our fun, friendly and bright store. You can do your laundry in no time, as you spread your wash among our Giant 80# capacity front loaders (do eight loads in one washer, save time and money) or among the various other size washing machines.

All of our front-loading machines feature ultra high speed water extractors, which wring the moisture out of your clothes and leaves them dryer than top loading machines. This means less drying costs! All Chaska Laundry Centers machines are new, state of the art equipment, which means, you will have cleaner clothes with less problems.

Our store is always staffed with trained attendants to help you. They can show you how to use the machines more efficiently and economically or resolve equipment problems. They can even sell you a box of detergent, bleach or softners when you run out before that last load.

We maintain a daily checklist to ensure our floors, machines and especially our bathroom are clean, clean, clean! If our store is not clean, we want to hear about it. We pride ourselves on our clean environment.

We are a proud member of the Coin Laundry Association and the Southwest Metro Area Chamber of Commerce.